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Dry spell


[...] We watched a film about the desert, in the youngest country in the desert. It felt as if history never existed and was, instead, an exhaustingly convincing piece of fiction. Or as if it turned into formations of rocks, and time, symbolized by sand, is an infinite hourglass that turns as the Earth spins [continue reading]

Anarchy of the heart


[...] I remembered that I wanted to get a tattoo that comes from a poem I wrote to someone I once loved. It goes something like: I wanted to give you something, to buy you something, and make this all go away; I had forgotten that capitalist logic doesn't apply to the rules of the heart

And I wanted to tattoo 'rules of the heart' in Serbian (pravila srca) on the side of my torso, where my ribs are, on the left. Someone said: I don't know how it'll look, but it'll surely hurt [continue reading]

What we learned from others

// 2023

[...] Just as an anegdote: I wasn’t even pronouncing one of these words correctly in my own language, which I found out in a very formal conversation. This experience left me unsure about whether I should be ashamed, or if it's actually easy for me to admit a mistake because, as a former professor of mine said: women are allowed to be clumsy in academic circles [...]

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//travel journal, 2022

Melons and watermelons are displayed in orthogonal grids beside the road. Everything else is random: men sit on horses sideways, like you’d imagine an elegant historical drama female protagonist would, because they’d be wearing skirts made of flannel, or goat skin, in this case. The trust these men give to horses along the serpentines is beyond. [continue reading]

P Deluxe


[...] Sometimes i fantasize about a huge insect coming out from behind the wall, next to my bed, coming to take me, like that creature takes Sigourney Weaver in ‘Alien’. 'Member when you posted pictures from remote islands during the pandemic? 

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