Events that are part of 'Scenarios of the Pool' series all took place in 2017, July - October. Three consecutive parts of the project were, chronologically, a workshop (Functions and Fictions), a performance (After Blue Interval) and an exhibition, all deliberately focusing on the swimming pool both as a case-study (architectural object as curatorial subject) and an environment (exhibition space).



The exhibition is a response and a follow-up event to Scenarios of the Pool - After Blue Interval live performance which took place at Pioneer Building a week prior to the exhibition launch.


The immersive feeling of a pool is created through an invocation of memory - that caused by the smell of chlorine and the sound of splashing water, the intense blue color and the imaginary horizon being set above our usual eye level. Within these premises, two displays showcase the documentation of the performance, bringing about a memory of a specific event into an already dominating illusion of a pool. Glimpses of what happened at the Pioneer Center merge with the personal experiences of swimming and bathing, of leisure and idle hours.

Scenarios of the Pool

Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis

Enclave Projects, Deptford, London