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Functions and Fictions

(Scenarios of the Pool)


European Architecture Students’ Assembly (EASA)

Fredericia, Denmark

22.07 - 06.08. 2017.



with: Marija Bjelic

in collaboration with Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis

MAIN CAST (workshop participants):
Emma Carlen
Sophie Dorn
Katrina Galea
Nina Krčum
Loti Milošević
Nanna L H Nielsen
Vesna Nišić
Danijela Pavičić
Belçim Yavuz

Eszter Gall
Flóra Offra
Maria Smirnova

Nikoloz Gabiskiria

Events that are part of 'Scenarios of the Pool' series all took place in 2017, July - October.
Three consecutive parts of the project were, chronologically, a workshop (Functions and Fictions), a performance (After Blue Interval) and an exhibition, all deliberately focusing on the swimming pool both as a case-study (architectural object) and an environment (exhibition space, artificial construct).

Functions and Fictions - Scenarios of the Pool was made in the context of European Architecture Students’ Assembly (EASA) 2017, in Fredericia, Denmark. During the period of 2 weeks, the participants were analysing the aspects of a local swimming pool, hidden from sight on EASA campus (abandoned part of Fredericia’s town hospital), only 50 meters away from the sea shore.

Final show



We look at the pool as a unique architectural situation; where we project nature in artificial ways and strip down our social behavior to its most natural state. 
We become animals that we are, liberated from our clothes our shoes and our bad posture, blurring the boundary between me and you, between the tutor and the participant, the viewer and the actor, the scene and the audience, wilderness and intimacy. Our body shapes and colors become liquified, malleable and dissolved under water.

"Water, the material imagination, finds pure matter par excellence, matter that is naturally pure".* The jungle and the swamp and the ocean are intertwined with our social and physical selves. We swim and we dive, we get out and we feel better.

The pool of thoughts, the pool of metaphors, the pool of animals and skins, the pool of pollution, the pool of love, how deep is your love, is it like the ocean?

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