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this is the personal website of Natalija Paunić, a contemporary art curator, writer and mediator. Natalija is one of the recurring programme directors at Eugster || Belgrade, one of the founders of nomad curatorial project Vozdovacka galerija, and a freelance writer. 

She is the author of Venus Filomena, a free writing platform.


On a project basis, she has collaborated with, or worked for institutions such as: Confluence institute for Innovation in Architecture and Design, Paris and Biennale Sessions, Venice; National Gallery in Skopje, North Macedonia; Galeria e Bregdetit, Vlorë, Albania; Kunsthaus Dresden, Germany (2022); British Council; LUX Moving Image Foundation, London (2020 and 2021); Public School for Architecture Brussels; EASA, Fredericia, Denmark; documenta 14, Kassel (2017); Bloomberg New Contemporaries at ICA London through Goldsmiths programme + ICA Young (2016), among others.

She received her master degree in architecture from University of Belgrade (2014) and her postgraduate diploma in curating from Goldsmiths, University of London in (2017). She extended her education through workshops for art mediators with documenta 14 (aneducation programme; + summer school with Kunsthochschule Kassel, University of arts Helsinki and Bern University of Arts, 2017).

Natalija is especially interested in non-academic, informal and experimental approaches to writing, curating and architecture, as well as how critical thinking, art and theory affect our personal lives. She supports and develops projects that are concerned with ecology, luxury, waste, capitalism, accelerationism, feminism and, above all, love.


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