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2022 (upcoming)

*Predatory, with Flaka Haliti, Bojan Šarčević, Saša Tkačenko at Eugster || Belgrade

*Burn by staying cool, catalogue text for Šejla Kamerić at Kunsthaus Dresden


Conflicts (We are here: Future Ecologies), with British Council and LUX Foundation moving-image collection. Main viewing programme and exhibition: Ben Rivers, Bedwyr Williams, Charlotte Prodger, Elizabeth Price, Emir Šehanović, Louis Henderson, Saša Tkačenko, Šejla Kamerić, Uriel Orlow (Drugstore, Belgrade and Eugster || Belgrade)

Prophecies are projects, projects are prophecies, online podcast series with Cécile B. Evans, Luca Lo Pinto, Jeanne Graff and Stine Deja (Online)


I turn boobs into trees and whales and oceans, Milica Mijajlović, Nuša Hernavs, U10, Belgrade (Voždovačka galerija, Pamela Anderson Foundation)

Everything you created was made to destroy, Tamara Spalajković

Guest editorial for DSCENE 014, November 2020, talks with Alexandra Bircken and Augustas Serapinas

Forum: Bread and games, Open Space @ Ugly Duck, London, with Louise Ashcroft, Radek Brousil, Lea Collet, Rosa Doornenbal, Caz Egelie, Teal Griffin

NEWS Issue 0, paper project with contributions by Barbara Kapusta, Julius Pristauz, Tamara Spalajkovic, Julija Zaharijevic


Time, Anna-Sophie Berger (Eugster || Belgrade)

You are not my brother, brother (EIKON #107, I Did It For You - Q21, Vienna)

Why is everyone being so nice? (Voždovačka galerija @ Gužva u gradu, reinvention of Bogdanka Poznanović - Srce Predmet from 1980)

1999 - The Oracle told me I'd fall in love with the One, with Luka Cvetković, Milica Mijajlović, Tamara Spalajković, Rafal Zajko (Fotopub, Novo Mesto, Slovenia; East Topics)

Mundane, with Ksenija Jovišević, Barbara Kapusta, Jelena Pantelić, Driton Selmani, Julija Zaharijević (Eugster || Belgrade, Footnotes On Art)

So much furniture and light in dis room, Kristina Nikolić (Voždovačka galerija, Dom Omladine Belgrade)


To speak of a dead nation in the language of lust (Eugster || Belgrade, Saša Tkačenko meets VVHILE, Ruins of /a/ future utopia)

Aftersun, with Miriam J Carranza, Rosa Doornenbal, Eva Hoonhout, Vasilis Papageorgiou, Park Geun Woo (Voždovačka galerija, public spaces and online)


After-blue interval, Scenarios of the pool, Marios Stamatis, Lea Collet (Pioneer Health Center / The Peckham Experiment, London)

Functions and Fictions workshop (EASA Fredericia, Denmark)

Underwater love, beyond the typology of swimming pools, lecture performance (Public school for architecture Brussels)

Manicures and other privileges (Dating the Chorus, documenta 14 mediators' publication)

Nails am Bahnhof (Membrane, Kulturbahnhoff Kassel, Germany)

We're all involved in this mess (Enclave projects, London)

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